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ABR: always be recruiting

In a great post on the 500 startups blog (Dave McClure’s fund), Ethan Bloch explains a few tactics to recruit top talent. It’s very well articulated, and we really recommend reading the post

His last point is about ABR: always be recruiting:

Recruiting isn’t something you only do when you need to hire 3 people by the end of the quarter. It’s something you should always be doing now and forever.

This is extremely important. We see it every day. The most successful companies are the ones with a CEO’s or CTO’s or any senior person spending lot of time building a network of potential hires. They spend lot of time talking to engineers, getting to know them, and preaching their companies. 

If you really want to get an A player, chances are that person already has a job, and can’t leave straight away. It’s about meeting them, introducing yourself, and build relationships, so when they’re ready, they consider you. 

That’s why

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