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Companies can drive more <3

We believe there is more in a match than just skills. We’ve actually heard from many companies they prefer people passionate about the problem they’re trying to tackle. Some even said that skills are secondary.

That’s why we decided to introduce the <3 functionality. Candidates can now indicate if they <3 a company. It plays a huge role in the algorithm, in many cases much stronger than skills. Candidate can explore all our companies as we’ve explained on our blog before.

But companies can also drive more <3 if they want. Every candidate who register to Whitetruffle from the company profile, automatically <3 a company. For ex, if someone register from https://recruited.co/company/whitetruffle (yes, Whitetruffle is using Whitetruffle to find good engineers!), they will automatically <3 us and their chances of being match with us will increase. Of course, it’s not because a candidate <3 a company that they’re automatically matched, our algorithm still filters and make sure we expose only the matches with a chance of becoming an introduction.

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