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Congrats to the New Hires!

Whitetruffle matches engineers with the companies they want to talk to every day. Here are a few of the people starting new jobs building cool products:

Fahd Butt joined Whitetruffle, was introduced to several companies within a month – and decided that DNAnexus was the one.

Tyler Pearson is the newest Android Developer at Stitcher – and they are so excited to have him there!

Jason Vianna was introduced to Thousand Eyes – and started working with them as a Front-End Software Engineer only 4 days later.

Search is dead! We intelligently and anonymously connect great engineers with great jobs:

1) sign up
2) tell us about your interests
3) sit back and wait for job intros!

In the meantime… we’ll be:

1) sourcing the best job opportunities for you
* our system auto-magically matches you with the best and most relevant companies
* we anonymously suggest you to those companies
* we email you when companies request an intro

2) getting you the interview
* you review the company and job opportunity at your leisure
* you click “accept/reject intro" 
* we send your contact info to companies you accept.
* you interview!

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