Hung Lee of wisemansay called us out on Twitter a couple days ago, wanting to know how our hiring was going. Whitetruffle is in the business of helping companies find tech talent, so when it was time for us to expand our team there was only one real option for us. Every company should eat their own dogfood. We had to prove that we could hire talented engineers using nothing more than what we had built ourselves. We are proud to say that every technical hire we have made since building Whitetruffle has come through Whitetruffle.

Our two newest hires: Lucas and Micah. Both joined Whitetruffle through some of our social media outreach. Both were matched with and talked to many companies, in addition to ours, before deciding we were the right fit for them. We appreciate the perspective they bring, having been active, enthusiastic users before working on the product. Here’s a pic of Micah, Smarty the Pig, and Masami, our VP of Marketing, hanging out at Micah’s first quarterly meeting after joining Whitetruffle:

We are often asked if hires are made using Whitetruffle. The answer is an emphatic yes. In addition to the long list of companies we could mention – we’ve personally been able to find all the people we needed when we needed them. Have you tried Whitetruffle yet? 

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