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Great piece by Thomas Friedman

At Whitetruffle, we’re big fans of Thomas Friedman. We read his books, and usually read his column in the New York Times

In one of his recent posts, Thomas talk about Coursera, a new initiative by Andrew Ng, from Stanford, describing it as:

allowing students from all over the world to not only hear his lectures, but to do homework assignments, be graded, receive a certificate for completing the course and use that to get a better job or gain admission to a better school.

It is very clear that university knowledge is becoming more and more commoditized with more and more people having access to the best courses. We actually foresee this trend to continue and accelerate. 

We also believe that there are many signals, other than academic achievements, that can describe a person and their abilities. That data exists in social media, in online, communities, in different profiles…

We’re working hard at Whitetruffle to try to bring all these signals together, to help our algorithm do a better job and present both companies and candidates with the ideal  match. There is still a long way to go, but this is why today we integrate with Facebook, Linkedin, GitHub, Codility among others…   And many more to come!

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