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Happy holidays from @wtruffle

On behalf of the team at Whitetruffle, we wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday season. We hope 2011 was as good a year for you as it has been for us, and that 2012 will be full of good surprises, successes, and happiness for all of you. 

What a year! Last January, Whitetruffle didn’t exist. Several months later, here we are: over 200 companies and close to 5,000 candidates strong. Many of you had the chance to hire someone or be hired through Whitetruffle. Some found contractors to help them for a short term project.  Others met outstanding people, with the possibility of future collaboration. Students secured their first jobs and internships. It’s quite incredible – we’ve made over 1,000 introductions in just a few months. 

We knew that if we connected the right people, great things would happen. Because Whitetruffle is all about people, we have decided to put you front and center on our homepage. You can now see testimonials (keep them coming!) and some of the activities happening on the service. Our people and companies are our strength, and we want to showcase that.

We have so much planned for 2012 to make Whitetruffle even more valuable.  From continuing to improve our matching algorithm, to expanding beyond engineering, our roadmap is full of great surprises that will make your experience much better. We won’t stop until we get everybody the right job, and every company the right team! 

Thank you for making 2011 an exceptional year for Whitetruffle. We couldn’t have done it without you. We’re eternally grateful. 

Happy new year,

The Whitetruffle team

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