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Introducing maps in company profiles

Location plays a key role in how job seekers pick a job, or how employers hire an employee. We actually think it’s one of the most important criteria. At Whitetruffle, we divide location into three parts: a local city, the ability to work remotely, or the willingness to relocate. 

Today, we’re happy to announce a huge improvement in how companies indicate their location. It may not look like a big change, but it will improve tremendously the experience for both companies and candidates.

Companies don’t need anymore to choose a city, they can just enter the beginning of their address, and we will automatically complete it and add a map (thanks Google!). They can also indicate if they’re ok to be matched with candidates who want to work remotely or who are willing to be relocated. We also allow companies to have several addresses, in case they have multiple offices. 

If you only have one location, every job you post will have that location automatically assigned to it. If you have several locations, you’ll have to indicate which one you want to associate with your job posting. 

Finally, because you love to make beautiful things, we’ve added a map to the company profiles. It looks much better. 

New companies will automatically benefit from those changes. Companies who registered to Whitetruffle before today just need to go to their profile, and hit the “edit” button on the top right. They will automatically be directed to update their location. 

This is just the beginning of a series of improvements we’ve been working on for a while with regards to location. More to come in a few days. Stay tuned! 

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