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Job Hunting During the Holiday Season – It’s Just Smart!

The weather is finally getting colder – even here in California – and we’re getting ready for an onslaught of the holidays. The holiday season can be many things to many people: looking back on the accomplishments of the past year, a time for slowing down, introspection, and visiting with/hiding from family.

Most people don’t associate the end of the year with job search, but it’s prime time to make the right connections to further your career.

1. Less Competition

Just because Thanksgiving is here, it doesn’t mean that companies are no longer looking – it just means they’re having a harder time getting candidates on the phone. Making yourself available this time of year means you are up against a smaller pool of people. You want that job? Make yourself available while everyone else is winding down.

2. Things Move More Quickly

You need a job right away? Hiring budgets can be tricky beasts. Companies may want to close an offer before year end. You could be starting something new by New Year’s.

3. It’s a Good Excuse to Avoid Family Gatherings

“I’m sooooo sorry. I can’t make it to (insert awkward seasonal gathering here). I have an important interview!”

We’d be happy to make this happen for you.

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