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Launch: Extensions, for busy candidates

Candidates: We’ve heard that sometimes you get so many great new matches that you don’t have enough time to talk to every company. Since matches last only three days, you’re rejecting companies – not because you’re disinterested, but just because you don’t have time. Finding the right job owes a lot to timing, so we are rewarding active candidates with time to consider more options.

From now on, for every two intros you take, you earn one extension. An extension pushes the expiration date of a match out by two weeks. These are intended to be applied to matches that you want to accept, but don’t quite have time to deal with at the moment. When you click “Extend”, we let the company know that you’re interested, but need more time.

Everyone starts fresh with zero extensions. As you earn them, you can use up to two simultaneously, and each match can be extended only once.

We hope this helps more of you find the right job!

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