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Looking for a job during the holiday season

You’ve heard it before: the holiday season is the worst time to look for a job. A lot of people are on vacation, some offices are closed, almost nothing is moving forward. While this may be true, it doesn’t mean it’s a bad time to look for a job. 
Competition doesn’t stop for the holidays. Companies, and especially startups, are still working. Some may focus on different things, but they’re still trying to progress and win their market. Hiring someone is a big decision for a company, and can help them better meet their goals. If the right person shows up a good company will make the time to do what it takes to bring them on board, no matter where they are. 
Generally, because things may be a bit slower CEOs and other decision makers have more time to talk to folks, read emails, and do what they don’t normally have time for. I remember one of my previous employers used this time of the year to plan strategic sessions with the folks who were at the office – things we would rarely had time for any other time of the year. This may be the perfect time to reach out directly to decision makers and talk to them in a more relaxed atmosphere. 
Also, because lot of job seekers put on hold their search during that time you are facing less competition. Companies want to move fast, and if they like you, they are not going to hesitate. 
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