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Making Candidate Profiles BETTER FASTER STRONGER!

If there’s a company you like, we want to make sure you have every chance of looking like the hottest thing they have ever seen. Yesterday, we released profile changes to make it easy for you. On average, people stay at a job about 4 years before moving to the next – which means they don’t spend every day thinking about how to best present themselves to a company they’re interested in. It’s something we think about every hour of every day.

We’ve streamlined work history and education, removing individual job highlights and making registration faster. But the biggest change you’ll notice is this:

After surveys, data analysis, and onsite studies of how companies review and consider profiles, we have updated how our candidate descriptions are structured. By following the new easy prompts, you can create a profile description that will make you stand out more than any list of companies and schools ever could.

This may seem simple – but it is based on a deep understanding of what companies are looking for when they are considering you.

Take the time,

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