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Matching the best startups with the best engineers

Best startups, best engineers, we believe you don’t have time to waste. In a recent survey that we did in partnership with Riviera Partners, we found that more than 65% of engineers who found a new job in the past year enjoyed their overall experience, but would like a service that show them good companies only.  

That’s exactly what we do at Whitetruffle. It’s curated. Engineers can find the best start-ups, and companies can find the best engineers. 

Now, not everybody is the same. What’s good for somebody may not be good for somebody else. That’s where our magic happens. We match you. We match you with what we think, know and learn is good for you. Of course, there are always going to be mismatched, but we’ve made it very easy to reject a company or an engineer. On top of that, every time you take an action, we learn from it and our matching tool get smarter. Very similar to Pandora. 

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