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Most liked companies on Whitetruffle

Whitetruffle is all about data. We use the data we collect on our platform to perform better matches and make sure that we don’t just look at keywords but also “behavior”. 

In that regards, we’ve just compiled a list of the 7 most liked companies on Whitetruffle. Those are companies that candidates love the most among the >350 companies enjoying the platform. Here they are, in no particular order: 


Internally, we had predicted it, when we saw them on stage at LAUNCH. Based on what we knew, and how our users love Captricity, we thought they would win. And Captricity just won 1.0 best technology at LAUNCH. 

Congratulations to them! 

We have plenty of other great companies on Whitetruffle. Some of them are gaining real momentum, and we can see it in our data. 

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