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New Dashboard!

OH MY GOSH! My dashboard suddenly looks DIFFERENT! What happened?!?
Good things, I promise. :o)
The new dashboard makes the site load *much faster*, is easier to navigate, and looks even prettier.
How does it work? Pretty much the same way the old dashboard did. Take a look at the screenshot, and I’ll walk you through it.
If you are familiar with the old interface, you probably noticed the biggest difference: instead of displaying candidate profiles as a drop-down list, they now appear to the right of the menu options.

We’ve also added an announcement bar to let you know about new features and give you tips to help you use Whitetruffle as effectively as possible.

The menu options remain unchanged, but – just in case – here is a description of what they mean:

New candidates: Choose this option to see the new candidates you have been matched with.
Awaiting response: Candidates you have accepted a match with who have not responded back yet.
Introductions: Click here to see a list of the candidates you have been introduced to, with names and contact information.
Not accepted: This is your list of matches that were not accepted.
Expired: All matches expire after 5 days. Click here to see a list of the candidate profiles that have expired.

If you have any questions about the new dashboard – or anything else – you can click on the live support tab on the bottom right corner of your screen to talk to the Fairy Queen.

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