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New Feature Monday!

We released even more new features on Friday to make your experience even better:

We surveyed our users to see what kinds of improvements they wanted to see. They told us they wanted to be able to choose the size of the companies they are matched with – and now you can! To select a preferred company size, go to your profile page, click “Edit Profile” and chose one of the three options here:

We made a “Hired” button! Both companies and individual users can now let us know when they have made a hire/been hired even more easily than before!

Lastly, we’re continually making adjustments to improve our matching algorithm. This week we made changes that will better target candidates who are more eager to meet companies and make a move. We’re also fine-tuning so we do an even better job of filtering through the edge-case matches and deciding which ones could be just the person you’re looking for.

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