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New Features for Designers!

Having a good designer is very important. We have a *lot* of designers using Whitetruffle (we’ve even gotten them jobs!) and we’re working on making our system even more useful for them. We’ve just launched two new changes – a “Design” Specialization and the ability to add your Dribbble account. Look out for even better, richer functionality in the near future.

Design Specialization:

Previously, we included Design under the Frontend category. We have now separated it out and are treating Design as its own field. If you are a designer, we recommend updating your Specializations and Skills for even more accurate, targeted matching.

Dribbble account:

You’ve already had the ability to add your GitHub and CodeEval accounts for a while, now you can also attach your Dribbble information. To protect your privacy, this information is only shared once you have agreed to meet a company and we make an introduction.

These features are only the beginning! As a designer, what else would you like to see

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