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New Jobs on Whitetruffle!

There’s still a lot of Wednesday left – and we already have so many new, challenging positions to match you with. Any of these look interesting?

Appeagle, a startup in New Jersey focusing on helping online retailers capture more sales by optimizing their pricing, needs a C# developer.

Pushpins, is looking for four new developers in their San Francisco office (walking distance from CalTrain!) to help them build their app, helping people save money on their groceries. They need frontend, fullstack, and UI/UX.

Timehop, one of our frontend guy’s favorite apps, needs a lead iOS developer and some good Ruby people to join them in their time travel adventure. Maybe you?

FunLoop needs a senior iOS engineer. They’re one of the leading brands in kid’s tablet apps.

Sneakpeeq has hired several engineers using Whitetruffle, and now they’re looking for someone with an e-commerce background who can help them build stronger relationships with retailers.

The Minerva Project just raised $25 million to build the modern university. They need a lead architect to make this happen – improving education for top students around the world.

We have new opportunities every day on Whitetruffle with hundreds of companies working hard to make a difference.

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