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“Responsiveness” now live on Whitetruffle

Whitetruffle is about much more than just filling or finding a job. It’s about smart startups meeting great, talented people. 

Based on surveys we sent out to many of you, there were some clear requests that we wanted to respond to. The strongest request was to create real interaction between companies and engineers. 

We’ve already pushed changes that have improved response time. Now we’re introducing the biggest of all, “responsiveness”: a score for both companies and engineers based on your response time to profile matches Whitetruffle sends you. It’s simple – everyone starts at “average” and your score increases as you respond quickly to matches. Your responsiveness score shows up on your profile and can be seen by those you have been matched with. The higher your score the more matches you will see, and the more you stand out from all the others.

Also, we love making matches, but no offer lasts forever. We are going to be expiring all offers five days after they have been sent. Keep in mind that accepting an introduction is nothing more than saying you’d like to meet up to get to know each other better. Saying yes or saying no both have the same effect of increasing your responsiveness score – and help us better learn what you are looking for. 

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