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Albert is a senior software engineer working on Recommendation Systems at Credit Karma and was a co-founder & technical team lead at ShoutAbout, Inc.

He graduated from UCLA with a BS in Neuroscience and from USC with 4 distinct Masters (Biomedical Engineering, Computer Science, Public Administration, and International Relations). Albert has a clear passion for learning and always appreciated the opportunity to broaden his knowledge base.

Previously, Albert had the honor of serving 2 consecutive terms as the elected graduate student body president, spent several years as a research assistant, graduate assistant, and teaching assistant in multiple different courses and departments. He enjoys contributing back and is quick to adapt and thrive in pretty much any environment.

Albert has a diverse set of interests and looks continually to widen and deepen his knowledge-base.


  • JavaScript
  • PHP and MySQL
  • React


2002 2011

M.S. Biomedical Engineering, M.S. Computer Science, M.P.A. (Master of Public Administration), M.A. International Relations at University of Southern California

1998 2002

B.S. Neuroscience at University of California Los Angeles


September 2014

Senior Software Engineer at Credit Karma

Key Accomplishments:
• Architect of microservice-based Recommendation System (RecSys, successor of KRS)
• Primary interfacing engineer for troubleshooting both current (RecSys) and legacy (KRS) recommendation systems and associated monolithic services
• Critical engineer in Credit Karma’s initiative to decompose the monolithic codebase and progress towards a microservice-based architecture
• Definitive domain expert of Credit Karma’s monolithic recommendation system, ‘Karma Recommendation System’ (KRS)
• Design and develop both CLI and GUI administrative tooling for management, validation, and deployment of KRS pipelines
• Design and develop D3-based visualization of complex KRS pipelines
• Trusted partner for interfacing across several cross-functional teams, both technical and non-technical stakeholders
• Preferred educator of KRS to engineering, data science, analytics, product, operations, and business.
• Frequently involved with general development and growth of backend systems, refactoring critical internal services for maintainability and scalability with extensive use of unit tests
• A founding engineer of Credit Karma’s Experimentation service

2011 2014

Co-Founder & Technical Team Lead at ShoutAbout, Inc.

Key Accomplishments:
• Architect of ShoutAbout’s recommendation system that enables nonprofits and political campaigns to strategically provide relevant contextual opportunities for readers to ‘learn more’ and ‘take action’ on news that they care about
• Led the technical development of (full-stack) software, (AWS) cloud infrastructure, UX design, and weekly a/b experimentations
• Built feature set that met the needs of diverse organizations, including the American Red Cross, Oxfam America, Amnesty International, as well as name brand news sites, like PBS NewsHour and The Christian Science Monitor