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Full-stack software engineer interested in designing and implementing applications that are scalable,intuitive, extensible, accessible, maintainable, and stable.


  • AWS
  • C# .NET
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Scala
  • SQL


August 2000 May 2004

Bachelors Degree, Electrical Engineering at Cornell University

August 2004 June 2006

Masters Degree, Electrical Engineering at Columbia University


February 2018 July 2018

Senior Software Engineer at ezCater

● Optimized and extended our Ruby-driven ETL process by improving SQL scripts in a Github repo (via PR code reviews), adjusting integration parameters with Python-based StitchData integrations, and enhancing alerts and monitors in DataDog and Sentry.
● Configured AWS Redshift cluster settings and migrated SQL scripts to transition the data warehouse from Redshift to Snowflake for improved compute and storage scalability.
● Integrated new data sources fetched via 3rd party web APIs, designed their data models with fact and dimension tables, and implemented db schema in SQL via an iterative /
agile Scrum development process with daily standup, story writing / pointing, and retros.
● Configured AWS Kinesis and Lambda functions and data files on S3 to expose new
event pipeline parameters from feature teams and then validated data output via
Periscope dashboards.
● Acted as rotating team concierge to fix bugs (e.g. db schema changes, permission
issues, query performance), consult with data analysts on enhancing their queries and writing / triaging / handling JIRA tickets for ad-hoc work requests from other teams.

January 2016 January 2018

Senior Web Applications Engineer at PerkinElmer

● Implemented data normalization logic in Apache Spark (Scala) on a ​Signals for Translational​ cloud-based SaaS for searching across pharmaceutical study formats
● Led group design of a RESTful JSON API using AkkaHTTP (Scala) w/ Swagger API docs
● Contributed to AngularJS 1.6 UI front-end written in native JS (ECMAScript 2017) as well
as NodeJS/MongoDB microservices built and deployed with Docker and docker-compose

November 2012 December 2015

Senior Software Engineer II at Akamai Technologies

● Developed GUIs for single-page app in Angular 1.4, CoffeeScript/JS, Bootstrap, Bower/Node/Grunt, Karma/Jasmine, ExpressJS, Git/Stash with two other front-end devs
● Worked w/ REST-ful JSON APIs from our Java Spring app in Apache/Tomcat in Linux
● Participated in Agile/Scrum dev process with JIRA task tracking, daily standups, reviews

August 2011 September 2012

Senior Software Engineer at neoSaej Corp

● Designed and coded website enhancements in ASP.NET MVC C#, Razor, jQuery, AJAX, CSS with tasks tracked in BugZilla and changes checked into SVN.
● Improved website performance through various caching techniques including output caching and intelligent image file distribution
● Re-implemented ADO.Net queries in .Net Entity Framework with LINQ-to-Entities

November 2009 August 2011

Software Engineer at Connance Inc

● Managed a remote team of 3 contract developers in Nepal via phone, email, and JIRA.
● Built reports in MS Reporting Services to spec, authored the underlying stored procedures in MS SQL Server 2008 and integrated them into the Silverlight UI
● Implemented new features in Silverlight UI with C# using async calls to the server

March 2007 November 2009

Software Engineer at IdentityTruth

● Primarily responsible for co-designing, implementing, and improving the Predictive Analytical Engine and data breach notification components in addition to other parts of the SOAP J2EE web application. This involved JBOSS, Spring, Hibernate/JPA, JMS, and static data seeding in the MS SQL Server database.
● Optimized MS SQL Server database accesses with indexes and constraints, and streamlined SQL and Hibernate HQL queries with table joins and advanced constructs like sub-selects, WITH clauses, temporary tables, cursors, and loops.
● Used JUnit tests to maintain correct functionality in the Eclipse IDE.

June 2006 March 2007

Image Scientist / Software Engineer at BBN Technologies / Raytheon

● Shared knowledge with teammates on advanced image processing, feature extraction, efficient indexing and data storage, and relevance retrieval.
● Designed new Java API methods in Eclipse for facilitating interactions between the Oracle SQL database and the JSP Web Interface.
● Managed a small research team (one professor with two graduate students) at Columbia University working on the task of developing image features for hand-writing detection.