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At heart, Erin is a baker/city explorer who has found a home in the software community after completing a Web Development Immersive bootcamp. Whether it’s creating universal components in React Native, building out GraphQL queries or mastering a lightening talk, Erin enjoys a good Flexbox challenge and finding different UI solutions. She is passionate about pair programming, explaining things simply, cats and agile software development practices. Erin holds a masters degree in Communications from Hawaii Pacific University. She currently works for Major League Soccer in New York City.


  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • React


August 2017

Software Engineer at Major League Soccer

Launched a greenfield React Native project

Worked on a GraphQL API

Presented technical experiences and research in biweekly demo days to the team

Trained teammates in new technologies and best practices

Interviewed and onboard new employees

Updated and maintained MLS design system and universal component library

Introduced new processes and improved culture

Paired with engineers and designers to deliver high impact features to soccer fans