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I am a passionate Software Developer with 6 years of professional experience in TCS having a B.Tech
degree in Computer Science and worked for CVS in various releases of their core apps and contributed
to adding new features, and building new applications. I also worked as a DevOps engineer where I
helped in automating manual tasks and built CI/CD pipeline with tools like Jenkins and Chef.


  • Agile
  • HTML
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • SQL


July 2008 June 2012

B.Tech at National Institute of Technology Jalandhar.


June 2012 August 2016

Software Developer at Tata Consultancy Services

Worked on backend of web-app Admin Console using Spring, Hibernate. App’s primary purpose was
to manage the store traffic routed to either of the two data-centers.

Worked on Swing based app RxConnect which is deployed across all CVS Health stores in USA. For
the backend, I was responsible for writing SOAP/REST based web services, Multi-threaded Java
Batches, JMS (Active MQ) based transactions for interactions with other systems within CVS.

September 2016 June 2017

DevOps Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services

Implemented CI/CD Jenkins pipeline for various applications within CVS that resulted in faster
deploy and feedback cycles across applications. Saved almost 30% of Dev/QA’s effort.

Developed backend of a dashboard web-app and migrated the environment data for the non-prod
from multiple excel sheets to single dashboard app. Helped in increased efficiency and reducing
errors for the Ops team.

Issue triaging as reported by Dev/QA teams on the environments.

Conducted sessions within the team sharing information regarding the latest DevOps adoptions in
the industry.

July 2017

Software Developer at Tata Consultancy Services

Worked as a backend developer for CVS (client) on internet-facing web-app which would be used by the
Corporate Offices and Nursing homes to schedule Clinics for having flu-shots administered to their employees.
Used Spring boot, Hibernate, Apache HTTP Server, tomcat, Mariadb on the backend. Also took the
responsibility of setting up the DEV and QA environments (writing Jenkins pipeline script for application
deployment, Chef scripts for infra-automation (httpd, and tomcat installation/configuration) for non-prod
environments which were hosted on Openstack. Worked in Agile Software development methodology

Worked on the backend services of a web-app which is used by the CVS store employee, to identify
opportunities for the patients to save money. Used spring boot, Hibernate, tomcat, Oracle on the backend.