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When I am not hiking and making igloos in Yosemite you can find me innovating with others, cultivating deep relationships and solving complex engineering problems.

I am driven by a deep enthusiasm for visualizing data and the relationships therein. In a world where data is abundantly produced and consumed seeing patterns in complexity has important ramifications in every field of society.


  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CSS3
  • Front End Developers
  • Git GitHub
  • HTML 5
  • HTML5 CSS3 and Javascript
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • Node.js
  • React.js
  • Ruby on Rails


January 2018 April 2018

Fullstack Web Development at General Assembly

Collaborated on the development of web applications using JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Ruby, Node.js, Express.js, Mongo/Mongoose, React.js, D3.js

* Worked in small teams
* Used Git and Github for version control
* Hackathon: small group work, used mockups and wireframes to develop the front-end and back-end

Project: My Tasks Today

This is a React.js application that allows the user to create a list of tasks. The list is editable. The app makes API calls to get and store tasks.

Technology stack:
* React.js, Axios, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, CSS Variables, Semantic-UI-React

* RESTful API to get user data with full CRUD capabilities
* Semantic.js for UI display

Project: codeInsight (

What if you could get insights into the code you have written. Or perhaps you want to see trends across languages.

That is how this project was born, with the idea of visualizing one’s own data. It can lead to insights about coding patterns and language usage.

* Formulate purpose of app
* Whiteboard basic concept
* Use Sketch for wireframing
* Do basic usability testing

Technology stack:
* Node.js/MongoDb/Express for the back-end
* HTML/CSS/JavaScript/D3.js for the front-end

* Github OAuth
* RESTful API to get user data
* D3.js for interactive display of data

Project: Wayfarer

Developed full-stack Node/Express/Mongoose/React.js application with Passport for login
* Created models/schema
* Incorporated fetch API
* Helped develop CRUD capabilities

Project: Eventures

Developed full-stack Ruby on Rails application with user authentication (small-group work, paired programming)
* Created AJAX call to Eventbrite API
* Developed REST and HTTP protocols

December 2015 November 2016

Front End Nanodegree at Udacity

Front-End Web Development, with a focus on building beautiful, responsive websites optimized for mobile and desktop performance.

Skills: HTML, CSS and JavaScript, jQuery
HTML-5 Canvas
Object Oriented JavaScript
Critical Rendering Path
Targeted Page Speed
Bootstrap, Knockout


April 2018

Web Developer at Self employed

Software Engineer Responsibilities:
– Create scaleable, automated solutions
– Develop apps and UIs using mockups and client specs.
– Utilize Git for version control.
– Create responsive web technologies.
– Team player attitude with a willingness to lead when necessary

In-depth understanding of JavaScript (ES5/ES5), HTML5, CSS3
Hands-on experience with React, D3, Node, Express, Mongo

Online portfolio: