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I have 3 years industry experience working as a Java software engineer. I have worked at Facebook, Google, and an Andreessen Horrowitz-backed telecom startup.

My passion for software development comes from my love for solving puzzles ever since I was a little kid. Every program is like another complex puzzle to be solved, and I enjoy the process of figuring it out from beginning to end. I also enjoy playing chess and solving math problems (I even tutor in it), so it was fitting that I would love programming as well. To me, having a job as a programmer doesn’t at all seem like work as other jobs that would require you to perform mundane tasks, instead I see it as an opportunity to spend more time with my hobby and perfecting my craft.


  • Apache Tomcat
  • C++
  • Java
  • JDBC
  • MySQL
  • Python


June 2018 July 2018

Software Engineer (contractor) at Facebook

• Facebook killed the project and we were laid off
• Creating a software that aggregates emails from various Facebook domains (e.g. Instagram, Messenger, etc.) sent
by the press (e.g. New York Times) allowing a user to forward the email to the corresponding Facebook employee
• Made cosmetic changes in Facebook’s Application Catalog in ReactJS
Environment: Hack (a dialect of PHP), ReactJS

October 2017 May 2018

Application Engineer II (contractor) at Google

Worked as part of the Federated Identity team (https://developers.google.com/identity/) to bring Google Sign-In to third-party sites and to improve the federated sign-in ecosystem. Worked on developer tools and libraries that ease implementing federated sign-in and making federated sign-in more secure across identity providers and sites.
• Developed an open-source library (https://github.com/GJWT/javaOIDCMsg) for developers to implement server- side OAuth functionality incorporating OpenID Connect (OIDC) and OAuth authentication protocols
• Implemented JSON web token (JWT) signing for Google, Facebook, etc., JWT validation, and other essential protocols to ensure highest sign-in security for users
• Implemented OIDC protocol messages, service, and relying party (RP) in Java. Python equivalents are: https://github.com/IdentityPython/oidcmsg, /oidcservice, /oidcrp with corresponding documentation at: oicmsg.readthedocs.io/en/latest
Environment: Java 1.7, Python, Gradle

August 2015 September 2017

Software Engineer at ItsOn Inc.

ItsOn is a privately held Silicon Valley startup focused on developing new technology and products to fundamentally change the way mobile wireless services are sold and consumed. ItsOn (itsoninc.com) is venture funded by Andreessen Horowitz, Verizon Ventures, etc. and has won the Telecom Innovation Award (2015) and Fierce Innovation Award (2016).
• Developed a highly scalable and distributed system that transforms the mobile consumer experience by designing and developing RESTful services for ItsOn’s Smart Service Platform using Java, Jersey, and Guava
• Programmed in a highly complex codebase that consists of numerous REST calls, maximum object-orientation, numerous retries, nested Guava Future transforms, abundant Mockings, and intricate telecommunications-related architecture references
• Proactively refactored and documented portions of the codebase to reduce complexity, increase readability, and improve code quality
• Ensured end-to-end functionality, bug-free code, and regression prevention with unit tests (JUnit), integration, and interoperability tests
• Lead the design and development of new features for Plan Purchase, Plan Cycle and Invoicing.
• Worked with Product Management, Quality, and Development teams on integration and deliverables
• Heavy exposure to REST, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA, Stash/Git, Tomcat, Cassandra/Oracle SQL Developer, Postman,
Memcached, Guava Futures, Google Protobuf, Mockito
• Key contributor to backend infrastructure development and integration of ItsOn’s policy management cloud
based mobile platform
• Developed webapps using REST APIs for a SAAS solution for mobile operators
• Designed and implemented best practices for continuous integration for delivery of high quality code
Environment: Java 1.7, Jersey, REST, SOAP, JUnit, Maven, Jenkins, JIRA, Stash/Git, Tomcat, Cassandra/Oracle SQL Developer, Postman, Memcached, Guava Futures, Google Protobuf, Mockito, Agile, Log4J