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I’m currently a senior computer science student at Drexel University, graduating in June, 2019. I’ve had multiple experiences during my college years so far, not only in terms of academic courses, but also in the industry during my 3 Co-ops (6-month internships). During my Co-ops, I’ve had the chance to write programming code in different areas, from fintech, to biomed, and IoT. Most of my work experience was mainly in C# and Python, whereas in academic courses, most of my experience has been in Java, but I’ve also worked with C and C++. Other skills & experience details, including some of the courses I’ve taken, can be found in my profile & resume.

I’m currently looking for full time positions in which I can utilize my current skills, while being able to also learn some new tech and grow along the way. In general, I’m interested in areas such as back end engineering, data science & analytics, cloud computing & data warehousing.


  • Android Studio
  • Basic SQL
  • Bitbucket
  • C
  • C#
  • C++
  • Data mining / Machine learning
  • Eclipse
  • Git / Source Control
  • Go
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Jira
  • Perforce
  • Python
  • UNIX
  • Visual Studio


September 2014

BS in Computer Science, Minors in Data Science and Mathematics at Drexel University


March 2018 September 2018

Research and Development Engineer at Siemens

• Studied and used WAMP protocol in the IoT context, focusing on its Python and JavaScript implementations
• Developed and built a hardware demonstrator from scratch consisting of devices all connected through WAMP
• Designed and implemented an object-oriented Python codebase and used it for the code written for all devices
• Set up and installed WAMP software packages in Raspberry Pis and Siemens IoT devices
• Prepared and ran performance and stress tests on multiple WAMP implementations and analyzed the results

September 2017

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at College of Computing & Informatics, Drexel University

Courses taught: Concurrent Programming, Math. Foundations of Computer Science, Computer Programming I

March 2017 September 2017

Software Engineer at Accutome

• Implemented new features in a Windows real-time multi-threaded desktop application using C#
• Utilized C# threading and Camera_Net library to connect and process WebCam frames in separate thread
• Used Emgu CV library and AVBlocks SDK for image and video processing
• Wrote thread-safe C# code to process ophthalmologic measurements data and output results to CSV file

March 2016 September 2016

Software Engineer at eMoney Advisor

• Implemented screen-scraping software for websites of financial institutions in C#
• Analyzed HTTP requests, HTML, and JavaScript code to emulate navigation of these websites
• Developed and maintained C# modules for parsing data in JSON, XML or CSV format
• Communicated with business analytics team to determine correct data correlation
• Wrote SQL as needed to verify proper data ingestion and identify potential data problems