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Extensive business and management background, combined with a knowledge of programming. Successfully managed and sold million dollar properties. Worked with six figure financial budgets while leading over 50 employees. Completed hundreds of projects in a timely manner, all while developing a great work environment.


  • .
  • A bit of JavaScript
  • Able To Multi-task
  • Agile Project Management
  • Agile-Scrum
  • Basic HTML coding
  • Basic HTML/CSS
  • Basic Python
  • Flexbox
  • JavaScript React
  • React with Redux


October 2013 April 2018

Owner at Fat Albert's Gym

Owned and managed the facility.

Managed a staff of 7-9 employees.
Increased sales up from $1000 a month with 35 members to over 500
members grossing over $10,000 a month
I was in charge of daily deposits, monthly bills as well as any other financial

February 2012 September 2013

Assistant Manager at Petcp

In-charge of a team of 4-6 employees.
Managed financials coming in as well as daily finances going out.
Promoted from department manager to assistant manager.

July 2010 February 2012

Manager at Gold's gym

In charge of 3-5 employees.
Manager of customer service and sales.
Top salesman every month.
Promoted from salesmen to night manager.

March 2006 August 2010

Service Manager at Cutrubus Suzuki of Layton

Retrieved information from the customer and relayed it to
the mechanics building great communicational skills.
In charge of up-selling any needed services their vehicle needed.
I was promoted from service writer to service manager.
In charge of service writers and multiple mechanics.
In charge of warranty work, employee pay and sales records.

January 2012

Owner/Manager at Extreme Investments

Manage 3-4 different real estate properties at once.
In-charge of all leases, monthly payments, enforcing property rules.
Owned and sold multiple real estates.