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I believe

  • in the customer.
  • great customer experience comes from great business decisions.
  • in the process of imagining, simplifying, building, measuring and evolving.
  • in working smart.

I am

  • a mad scientist covered in eraser dust with a knack for solving complex problems on graph paper.
  • an expert in customer experience design: discovery, requirements definition, information architecture & wireframing.
  • not half bad at visual design and writing semantic HTML and CSS.

I have

  • over 18 years experience in user interface design spanning web (desktop), mobile (touch), & living room devices.

I excel

  • in challenging and ambiguous interface design positions.
  • on iterative and collaborative teams that are effective at delivering products and features.
  • on projects that put the customer first while providing team members with authority and accountability to enable exciting and innovative things to happen.


  • Complexity, ambiguity, cross-team facilitation, leading design in agile and iterative environments, start-ups, cradle to < del>grave< /del> <ins>deployment< /ins>.


  • Customer first, deep-dive, deliver results, earn trust/give trust, iterate & improve, expect & embrace change, own without ego, speak up early & often, have fun.


  • Oracle, Sr. UX Design Lead for the Bare Metal Cloud console.
  • Nebula, UX Design Lead for the console team of a private, cloud computing start-up.
  • Amazon, Cross Platform UX Design Lead for Amazon Instant Video.
  • Amazon, Sr. UI Designer for Amazon Studios, original content for Instant Video.
  • Amazon, Sr. Web UI Designer for Amazon Fresh, Amazon’s original grocery delivery & pickup service.
  • Amazon, Web UI Designer, for Merchant Services and Search & Browse teams.


  • 10ft UI
  • CSS
  • Customer Experience
  • Graphic Design
  • HTML
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction Design
  • Mobile
  • Mobile and touch UI
  • Mobile App Design
  • Responsive Design
  • UI / UX design
  • UI Design
  • User Experience
  • User Interface
  • UX
  • UX Design


January 1997 January 2009

BA Graphic Design at Central Washington University


August 2016

Owner, Principal UX Designer at Walking Conundrum

UI/UX Design consulting.

April 2015 August 2016

Sr. UX Design Lead & Program Manager at Oracle

Facilitated the creation of core values for the Bare Metal Cloud Computing org, for use in driving culture, evaluating recruiting candidates and guiding performance reviews.

Contributed to the creation, prioritization and planning of the UX/Console team’s 2016 roadmap.

Led the discovery process, requirements gathering, and scoping for 6 major features for the initial Bare Metal Cloud console.

Mentored a team of 3 designers.

Prioritized and managed the workload for all design-related tasks for the UX/Console team and provided key direction and feedback for designs across the initial feature set delivered for the Bare Metal Cloud console.

Coordinated the UX process with product, service team engineering, UX design and engineering, and technical content and facilitated stakeholder design reviews across 5 service verticals.

Provided guidance on prioritization and scheduling for larger UX/Console team including 3 designers and 7 engineers.

Received the S.O.L.I.D. (Shiner of Light in the Darkness) award from the Technical Content team for helping to provide clarity and drive better processes across teams.

January 2014 April 2015

UX Design Lead at Nebula, Inc.

Key features my team designed included LDAP, VLAN, and External Network integration (e.g. SolidFire, NetApp)

Drove efforts to improve, invent and increase usage of various usability methods within the design and UX process.

Led efforts to craft and share a core set of values for use in hiring talent and driving company culture.

Collaborated to create and drive an improved agile process to better meet the needs of the UX team.

August 2011 September 2012

Senior UI Designer, Amazon Instant Video at Amazon

UX design lead for cross platform initiatives: including discovery and collaboration on product and user requirements, presenting to and garnering buy-in from design, business, engineering, and leadership.

Launched the three most customer-requested features—Watchlist, Parental Controls, and Closed Captioning—across Kindle Fire, Roku, PlayStation 3, Xbox, Wii, and amazon.com.

Worked with device designers to coordinate final designs: ensuring core functionality and feature sets were met, and parity existed across screens/devices while accounting for device capabilities and dependencies.

Helped lead recruiting efforts to build out a team of top designers for the Instant Video design team in Seattle.

Mentored 6 new designers during their initial weeks at Amazon on the larger Music and Movies team.

September 2009 August 2011

Senior UI Designer, Amazon Studios at Amazon

Sole UX designer for the initial design, implementation and launch of the Amazon Studios website within an 8-month timeframe.

Designed the customer experience for all features including new production creation and development, script and “test” movie uploads, contests, Studio mail, and discussion forums.

Delivered production ready HTML/CSS resulting in higher quality front-end code, fewer display bugs, reduced time to market for feature sets, and rapid prototyping and production of new features and requirements.

February 2007 August 2009

Senior Web UI Designer, Amazon Fresh at Amazon

Sole UX designer for AmazonFresh, including information architecture, user interface design and visual design of the entire AmazonFresh eCommerce experience.

Launched a full featured eCommerce shopping site in under 8 months that allowed customers to shop for 30 or more grocery items in 30 minutes or less.

Delivered production ready HTML/CSS resulting in higher quality front-end code, fewer display bugs, reduced time to market for feature sets, and rapid prototyping and production of new features and requirements.

Designed core feature set including: search, browse, cart-to-checkout pipeline, delivery scheduling, rapid past purchase shopping, automatic delivery set up and management, integration shopping for Amazon items available with grocery shopping, and delivery.

One of five inventors on a patent for “Recurring delivery of products”

January 2005 September 2006

Web UI Designer at Amazon

Web user interface design for merchant applications, global navigation, and search & browse teams.

Created a new email list community that focused on web standards and published quarterly newsletters on semantic markup.

Provided design and usability expertise and consultation for over 13 projects in the course of 1 year.