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## Summary ##

Full-stack engineer strong in **JavaScript**, **React**, **Redux**, **Node.js**, **SQL**, and **noSQL**, **building APIs** and **building front-ends** that interface with them. Excels in a fast-paced and collaborative environment, using experienced and new technologies to solve challenging problems.

## Projects I’ve worked on ##

Most recently, I worked at Mark43, building the front-end UI for our records management system. I built Admin Pages in **React** and **Redux** and **Elasticsearch** to support text and advanced filtering for User and Roles Dashboards. I also created new features such as Active user Assignments, report non-disclosures for record privacy, and a mugshot lineup UI reduce police officers’ search times by 80-90%.

Previously, I worked with a team of engineers in LiveAPI, an open-source project that creates an API for any website’s data. This end-to-end solution solves engineers from building custom web crawlers for each public dataset needed to be extracted. LiveAPI leverages a user-deployable server to programmatically create endpoints from a Chrome extension-based UI. It detects user actions with a custom algorithm that traverses the DOM from child to ancestor and stores data in a NoSQL-based cache to improve efficiency by 75%.

At Breakaway Practice, I worked on a geospatial software for pinpointing underserved areas in the US to build our next dental practices. I created a data extraction tool with PhantomJS to get practice geolocations from Healthgrades with DOM scripts, which were ultimately used to calculate the dental practice saturation in a given area.

## A little about me ##

I enjoy working on projects that solve frustrating problems, giving people some time back in their day. When I’m not coding, I’m curled up on a sofa reading a book, exploring new restaurants in the city, or volunteering at America Needs You – a non-profit providing career guidance for first-generation college graduates.

## What I’m looking for next ##

I’m looking for a company that is going through high-growth, has a strong engineering team, and stands firmly behind its culture. Passion is contagious, so I’m excited to enjoy a team passionate about the product they’re building, candid about feedback and growth, solving challenging problems.


  • CSS
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Python
  • React
  • SQL


September 2011 May 2015

BS in Biology at University of Pittsburgh


January 2018 June 2018

Software Engineer at Mark43

• Built Admin Pages with React, Redux, Recompose, React Router, React Redux Forms and Elastic Search to support text and advanced filtering for Users and Roles dashboards.
• Developed User Assignments and Active Offense Code features with React, Recompose and Styled Components to reduce user lookup time by 80%.
• Collaborated on Mugshot Line user interface, using React, Redux, Recompose and Styled Components to save officers 90% of time from manually configuring mugshots in Word.
• Created report non-disclosures on Reports and PDF Exports with Knockout and Mustache to improve privacy for persons on reports.

June 2017 December 2017

Software Engineer at LiveAPI

• Engineered API generating tool utilizing JavaScript, ReactJS and Node.js, designed to assist developers in retrieving structured data from websites, saving them an average of $1,200 annually from competing software.
• Developed recursive DOM traversal algorithm for performant selection of elements, shortening absolute path by 3X.
• Optimized search speeds by over 75% through constructing NoSQL-based cache to minimize HTTP requests using MongoDB, JavaScript, Node.js and custom Express endpoints.
• Automated installation of dependencies, Webpack build, and start of LiveAPI server with Bash script, reducing server deployment time by more than 85%.

June 2015 May 2017

Director of Business Intelligence at Breakaway Practice

• Built geospatial extraction tool for predictive modeling of franchise locations with JavaScript, Node.js and PhantomJS, used for building 25 dental practices in underserved areas each year.
• Minimized reporting time by over 95% through creating a suite of real-time dashboards for service metrics and customer usage using SQL and PowerBI.
• Designed database schema for internal production tracking software with SQL, implementing primary and foreign key constraints to improve query performance by 100%.
• Created sales pipeline and prospect migration tool for Salesforce with VBA to develop email marketing campaigns, which grew internal marketing agency’s revenue by $2M the following year.
• Increased revenue by over $500K on annualized basis through developing workforce optimization calculator in SQL and Erlang C model to effectively predict call center staffing levels.