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With my Mojomexico brand I have 180 plugins aplications with perfect structure and integration into Ecommerce Class and Objet; today my products works perfectly at Mexico, Sudamerica and even Spain like extensions, plugins, hooks or apps all them for: Payrol Payment Latino banks, Local MiniERP Software (like sae-aspel. webvillanett, microsip, cva, Oddo, and anothers particular demand for small Mexican Enterprise).

My personal target is always offers High Quality, Precision, Free Instalation and Sincronzation for every software sales under my brand Mojomexico “Mojomexico is the only Mexico Software Manufacture who include Full Free Installation and Sincronization with every Custom Ecommerce Store, we never leave your project until your compleat satisfaction “.

My personal skills come from 28 years expert working as Independent Consultor for UNIX-Nix tuning since 1990 (at the last century i was woking as Adprocon Unix All Mexico my first succesfull brand), As Experto Unix Tuning Consultor i recevied lots of recognice from Acer Computer, Caldera Unix, SCO unix, HP, Unix, Sun Solaris, Novell, Lantastic, and many mores international prestigus companies, check all them on


  • (Bilingue ou langue natale)
  • CakePHP
  • Magento Open Source
  • Moodle


August 1987 December 1993

Computer Engineer at University Degree


September 1999

Programmer at Mojomexico