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I graduated from CMU in May 2018 and currently looking for full time roles in Data Analytics Infrastructure (data algorithms on top of Hadoop/Spark/Java/Scala etc) or Machine Learning Infrastructure (deploying Large scale Distributed ML/Deep learning models in production). My dream job will be at the intersection of Distributed Systems and ML .

I have worked in the Analytics Platforms group at LinkedIn as a SWE intern in 2017 summer – my project was writing a Hive to Spark converter in Scala (created an optimized workflow on the top of my library as a POC which drastically brought down computation times on LinkedIn’s Ads data pipeline).
I have been a Graduate Researcher in CMU’s Parallel Data Lab working on Large scale Machine Learning projects (Distributed Deep learning, Straggler mitigation in parameter servers, federated learning). I am responsible for coming up with new algorithms for faster Neural network training, and I have been focussing more on the implementation aspects (eg. designing an adaptive learning rate rule that enables our algorithm to scale to more workers).


  • Java
  • Python
  • Scala
  • SQL


August 2016 May 2018

Masters at Carnegie Mellon University


May 2017 August 2017

Software Engineer Intern at LinkedIn

Analytics Infrastructure