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I’m an actor and Web Developer living in Brooklyn. I try my best to live by a few rules: 1) Fight to stay always joyful but never satisfied. 2) Everything is a skill and all skills can be grown. 3) Discomfort is usually a fantastic direction to head towards. 4) When you become more curious about what you’re doing than how well you’re doing you will operate at a deeper intelligence than you can possibly understand. 5) All of this is easier said than done, so cut yourself some damn slack already, Will. (Last rule is the hardest)

Two years ago, my grad school classmates decided (why I do not know) that I was probably “techy” enough to manage our class’s promotional webpage. After a bit of panic and several online courses, I fell in love with coding and decided to make it a second parallel career.

I love working scrappy, passionate, innovative teams. I love relentless optimization. I love playing with the intricate machinery, the small details, so that the resulting product feels smooth, effortless, and (hopefully) entertaining to whoever is watching—or clicking. Acting and coding are a surprisingly good overlap.

Specialties: full-stack web development, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, JQuery, AngularJS, branding, public speaking


  • • Strong communication
  • Adaptability
  • AngularJS
  • Basic Javascript
  • Client Presentations
  • jQuery
  • Ruby and Railing
  • Voice Acting


August 2014 May 2017

MFA Acting at Brown University

August 2007 May 2011

BA at Yale University

August 2017 June 2018

Year-long web development apprenticeship at Thinkful


September 2018

Personal Website Developer at Kimberly Senior

August 2018

Part-Time Ruby Developer at TheaterEngine

Additions, frontend cleanup, backend debugging, cloudinary API integration with Theater Startup.