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Highly passionate about good code quality and practices. Interested in building scalable and performant systems. Looking for the next challenge


  • C/C++
  • Docker
  • Ember.js
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • Kubernetes
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails


July 2007 July 2011

Senior software engineer at Tumbleweed / Axway

C++ and Java developer in Axway Bulgaria formerly Tumbleweed in a department dealing with e-mail security and management products. Products worked on: AntiSpam Engine – an engine for processing text and images and determining and categorizing spam in high volumes of e-mail according to complex criteria including regular expression matching using custom DFA Policy Engine – redirecting, modifying and securing e-mails according to specified policies

August 2011 October 2012

QE Engineer at VMWare

Java developer at VMWare in Quality Engineering. Developed a framework and automated tests via a REST API for a product dealing with managing virtualization resources at cloud level as well as some internal tools to automate the process of bugreporting and triaging

December 2013 May 2014

Senior software engineer at Fidor bank (Sowtware Society)

Ruby on Rails developer at Software Society. Worked for Fidor Bank AG’s online banking solution. Projects involved both banking services and transactions and the social aspect of the bank – a community for sharing banking knowledge related to Fidor’s offered services. Also developed an automated solution for creating and deploying virtual machines with Fidor’s applications installed on them for testing purposes

November 2014 June 2015

Senior software engineer at Which?

Ruby on Rails developer at Questers Bulgaria. Worked for Which? as a sole back end developer maintaining http://www.which.co.uk/consumer- rights and http://www.which.co.uk/birth-choice. Made improvements to the admin section and automated data import.

June 2015 January 2017

Senior software engineer at Profuz

Java and Ember.js developer at Profuz. A startup creating a platform – Lapis for integrating other systems into one unified, highly customizable system allowing live searches, manipulation and automated workflows. The system allows integrating modules from existing systems but also provides its own simple versions of systems like ERP, CRM, product management, etc.

March 2017

Team lead / Senior software engineer at Metrilo

Ruby on Rails, Ember.js and as of recently also a Java developer at Metrilo – a platform for e- commerce analytics and automated email campaigns. Leading a team in developing new features, solving scalability problems, designing for fault tolerance and migrating to a containerized deployment in Kubernetes.