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Self-Care for Computer Users

I’m at the computer *all the time*. So are you. Admit it. We’re sitting and typing far more than is probably healthy for either of us. To help, I’ve come up with some handy tips to reduce the stresses of heavy computer use.

1. Find proper seating.

Something that allows you to curl comfortably into the fetal position around your laptop.

2. Keep food within an arm’s reach.

You live at your desk. You should never have to leave it for anything.

3. Have many projectile objects handy.

Someone’s not paying attention on chat? Throw something at them. Someone’s being annoying? Koosh ball to the head. Light switch too far away? That’s what dart guns are for.

4. Booze.

Great for numbing the pain in your neck, shoulders, and forearms – or the pain of having to work through another weekend.

5. Wear sunglasses.

To hide both the dark rings under your eyes and the tears of boredom. Did you know that in Australia they call sunglasses “sunnies”? They sound so much cuter that way. :o)

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