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Some improvements to Whitetruffle: the inbox

If you’re a company using Whitetruffle, today is your lucky day! If you log in your dashboard, you’re going to see some major changes. Don’t panic, it’s all for the best :). 

First, we believe recruiting is about people, and not just about a job description. After talking with some of you, we’ve also realized that it’s all about the flow of candidates, and not how many jobs you’re looking to fill. To make things easier for you, we’ve changed the dashboard to be much more like an “inbox”. Candidates come in, and you can quickly decide if you want to contact them or pass. We indicate for you the job they’ve been matched to in the profile of the candidate. 

If you’re a candidate, you’re also going to see the same improvements: the experience will feel much more like an “inbox”, making it much easier and faster for you to go through the opportunities. You can also now share the love, and invite your Linkedin connections. We’d really appreciate it if you’d tell some of your friends! 

Second, we’ve made huge improvements to our matching algorithm. This should result in more and better matches for everyone. Some of you probably have already seen the difference. Now, it is very possible that some matches at the beginning are not as perfect as we hope. Please be patient while the system is getting up to speed and learn from all of us. 

We have so much stuff coming… Stay tuned! And as always, a huge thank you to all our users. We couldn’t do it without you, and your patience is greatly appreciated by all of us. 

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