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Students – Building a Profile that Works!

Joining Whitetruffle can be a great way for students to find jobs in software engineering and web design. We can easily connect you with companies interested in you – but convincing them that you are the right fit is up to you. The first step is to create a glowing profile. Here’s what to include in a profile if your experience, thus far, has been more academic than professional…

Technical Skill

You know what you know – so make sure everyone else knows that you know it! Make sure your work history field includes projects you’ve worked on, advanced courses you’ve taken, and other applicable experience. What languages and tools did you use? What have you built?

Omit the Unconnected

You may have been the best darn dishwasher at Denny’s ever – but it has nothing to do with software development. Nobody cares. Take it off your profile.

Enthusiasm for the Field

Whatever you lack in work experience – make up for it with your excitement and enthusiasm. You’re driven, passionate about what you do, and are determined to succeed. Communicate this in your description field, and you are much more likely to have companies interested in talking to you.

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