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Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!

We have so many things to be thankful for at Whitetruffle!

We have hundreds and hundreds of companies using us every week. We have thousands of software developers active on our system. Every hour of every day, several interviews happen thanks to Whitetruffle. 

Hundreds of jobs have been filled on Whitetruffle, at some amazing companies such as Asana, Taskrabbit, Cardspring, Salesforce, Vungle, Opower etc… Many companies such as Optimizely, Dropcam, Eventbrite, or Symphony have made multiple hires. 

Our candidates keep telling us that they love the fact they’re in control. We don’t auction them off. They don’t get spammed by recruiters. They decide who they talk to, who sees their private info, and they feel that’s the right way recruiting should be done. It’s not just about being hired, it’s about a whole new experience of finding the right job. 

We are so thankful to both candidates and companies who help us make Whitetruffle better every day. 

Happy thanksgiving!

The Whitetruffle team

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