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The Culture Secret – FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY!

We are lucky to have a friend like Dr. Vik. He is an expert in creating empowering company cultures and he helped us out when we were an even earlier startup than we are now. Before Whitetruffle existed, Dr. Vik held the role of Coach at Zappos.com, where he helped to engage and empower the employees and drive culture. Before joining the team at Zappos, he founded and directed one of the most successful chiropractic clinics in the United States. He has now published his first book: The Culture Secret.


We have 10 copies to give away! We’ll send them to the first 10 people to comment on this post. (Click the title of this article to comment)

How important is culture on a small team like ours? Incredibly important. VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Ben Horowitz, and Paul Graham have all written about how culture can ultimately affect a company’s ability to succeed.

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