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Top 5 Reasons Job Seekers Choose Whitetruffle

When it comes to job search, there are many options available. Some services focus on scraping the internet for more efficient search, some let you sell yourself to the highest bidder, others made video interviewing easy.

84% of our surveyed users say that they would recommend Whitetruffle to their friends.¬†With all the different services available, you’re probably wondering what makes Whitetruffle different – and why the people who use us love our service so much.

1. Ease of Use

Creating a profile is easy. There is no search. Meeting or passing on companies is easy – no pressure.

The skill listing system is great. The matching process is seamless; it’s easy to move to the next stage.”

“Nice interface! Kudos to the UX guy. Everything just feels intuitive.”

2. High Relevancy

There is no search, and you only ever see matches from companies that have expressed an interested in you – or that you are a high match for.

The BEST.”

3. Anonymity

Whitetruffle was created by engineers who wanted to improve the parts of the recruiting process that they knew were unpleasant. There are no unwanted phone calls and your profile is not searchable.

4. Wide Range of High Quality Companies

We’re excited that we’ve been able to help so many amazing companies grow their teams using Whitetruffle. Your feedback tells us that you’re excited too:

I’ve been quite surprised by the quality and breadth of companies using the service.”

What really makes me love Whitetruffle though is the high quality companies you attract.”

5. It Works

For all kinds of companies and job seekers.

To figure out what you like best about Whitetruffle,

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