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Weekend Plans?

It’s Tuesday, but I’m already working on my weekend plans. Have you figured out what you’ll be doing yet? If not, here are some events in the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend you might find interesting –


TorHackingSunday: (Noisebridge, San Francisco) “This will be a fun, low-key event to learn more about how Tor works, where it’s come from, where it’s going, how the code fits together, how to get started contributing on Tor, and whatever people want to talk about. You should probably bring a laptop or something that can look at code, if you want to look at code together.”

Machine Learning Short Course: (HackerDojo, Mountain View) “How do companies like Amazon, Netflix and eBay decide what products and links to suggest? Recommender systems are algorithms that incorporate past user behavoir, query strings, product descriptions and product reviews to produce highly targeted recommendations. In this short course, you’ll learn about the techniques and algorithms available for these sorts of problems and how your problem statement might affect the choice of algorithms.”

Not Tech-Related, But Still Cool:

Sandcastle Building 101 Class: (Ocean Beach, San Francisco) “Presented by the AIA and Leap, Sandcastle 101 on September 22nd at Ocean Beach will help Sandcastle enthusiasts of all ages apply their design and engineering skills to the medium of sand so that you’re ready for the 2012 Leap Sandcastle Contest that takes place in October 20, 2012.”

Food Chains and Mud Stains: (The EcoCenter, Palo Alto) “Join us for a special interactive presentation and hands-on learning activity with marshland mud creatures! Docents will demonstrate the nitty gritty details of the fascinating food chains that exist within the Bay’s ecosystems. Participants will have the opportunity to get their hands dirty by searching through mud samples from the Palo Alto Baylands and exploring the creatures that make up a marshland food chain.”

Hope to run into you at an event this weekend! In case we don’t check us out at

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