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What name for my baby?

My wife and I are expecting our first baby. It’s a very exciting time for us, and we’re going through what every parent has been through: choosing a name. 

At this point (the birth is planned in a few days), we’ve looked everywhere. All the apps, websites, books etc… Then suddenly, I thought there was one last thing to do: look at the most popular names on Whitetruffle! After all, I would love if my son (it’s a boy!) becomes a software engineer and maybe I can help align the stars from day 1. 

By most popular, I mean the names of the candidates that the most companies wanted to talk to. The results are really interesting: you’ll have twice more companies willing to talk to you if your name is Michael or David than if you’re called Daniel, Matt or Nick. Actually, only a few names are as attractive to companies than Michael & David: Paul, Kevin, Andrew, Ryan, John and Brian. 

Even though we have more males than females on our platform, Andrea is the female name that drives the most interest from companies. 

MIchael is not that surprising since it was one of the most popular baby name 25 years ago and it’s still widely popular but I was surprised not to see Chris in the top 10 (note it was #11) or Joshua (#27).


Now, all this is obviously not scientific, and it was just a fun exercise. But it still got me thinking… 

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