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Whitetruffle for engineers

We’re very pleased to announce today the launch of Whitetruffle for engineers. Thanks to our proprietary matching algorithm, engineers can get alerted when a job opportunity matches them. 

Over the past months, we’ve heard from many engineers that: 

  1. they’d like one place to manage all the job prospects they have
  2. they don’t want to talk to too many recruiters
  3. they don’t want to get phone calls
  4. they’d like to be made aware of cool opportunities and especially early stage start-ups. 

We’ve also heard from passive engineers (meaning those who already have a job and are not pro-actively looking for a new one) that they’d be interested to just be made aware of cool opportunities. 

Today, Whitetruffle offers engineers the ability to login very easily into the service with their Linkedin credentials, create their anonymous profile, and sit back and wait for the opportunities to come to them. All the communication is done by email, so no more phone calls during an important meeting or while your boss is around! And it’s very easy to accept or reject an introduction. 

For the companies already using Whitetruffle, this means that you’ll get better matches and more chances to hire the right person. 

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