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Whitetruffle is Made for Engineers.

As the Fairy Queen at Whitetruffle, I meet a lot of engineers – at hackathons, meetups, bars… I live in SF. They’re all over! One of the first questions they ask me about Whitetruffle is what makes us different?
Many things:

Whitetruffle has created a place that meets the needs of software engineers better than anyone else.

We don’t scrape the web for ghost users. You are only on Whitetruffle if you signed up for it – and we are so happy to have you here!

Your profile is anonymous. As an engineer, the only people who see your anonymous profile are the companies you are matched with. You have complete control over every word on your profile page and your name and contact information are only released if you tell us to release them.

You might notice that there is no general “jobs” page on Whitetruffle. We have developed a matching algorithm – similar to a dating site – that automatically matches you with the best companies for you. No searching, no filtering.

You are only notified about matches with companies who have seen your anonymous profile and want to talk to you. We don’t waste your time showing you jobs you aren’t suited for with companies we aren’t sure are interested in your skill set.

All of our notifications are by email. No phone calls!
Whitetruffle was built by engineers for engineers to make it easier to find out about great opportunities with all the cool startups in your area.

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