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Whitetruffle now accepts candidates from anywhere

Location is one of the most important criteria in a job matching environment. There are three different dimensions to it: commute time, relocation and remote work.

The way we used to handle location wasn’t allowing us to serve our users the best we could. It was very limited (you had to select a location from a list we would provide you) and didn’t allow for cases where the worker wanted to relocate or the company was open to relocating someone. 

This has now changed! We just launched a new way for candidates to indicate where they live. You can enter your full address or just the city where you live. In the case you enter your full address, we never, ever communicate it to anyone, but we use it to prioritize matches.

While this may seem like a small improvement, it’s actually a big change. We’ve made the same change for companies a few weeks ago. It means that, as of today, we can now accept candidates & companies from anywhere in the world. Our vision for Whitetruffle is global, even though we focused our earlier efforts on a few locations. This is our first step in building a global marketplace for candidates and companies.

Of course, as we’re getting started, if your needs are extremely local, it will take some time for us to make sure you see the right amount of matches, but we now have the system in place to handle it and can serve you much better. 

If you haven’t registered yet for Whitetruffle, you

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