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Whitetruffle Tips: Active vs Passive Candidates

We are often asked if the candidates on Whitetruffle are active or passive. The answer is very simple: both. Active candidates are great because they are more responsive – but passive candidates can be just as valuable, especially if you know how to approach them. At Whitetruffle, we’re building our product to serve both, and to be able to connect companies with both.

We are now asking candidates if they are active or passive seekers. You’ll see more and more candidates with the tag active / passive next to their skills (we’ll make it even more obvious very soon). This makes it easy to tell the difference!

If you are interested in a passive candidate, your focus should be very different than with someone who is already itching to make a change. This is very important.

*Make Friends: If this is someone who’s skills and background you find interesting, work on building a relationship with them. Don’t ask them to send you their resume, or to take part in an interview process right away. Just offer a casual chat, to talk about your company and how great it is. While they might not be available right away, they may be in the future. They could also be able to introduce you to people and resources you might not have discovered on your own.

*Don’t Pitch the Job, Sell Your Dream: Tell them about the cool things you are doing and how you are going to change the world. Tell them about the value your product provides before even mentioning the job. Help the candidate see your vision by providing them with the resources to research you, your market, and your product. Ask for their input.

You can use our messaging tool to reach out to candidates before they decide if they want to meet with you. Use that tool to make yourself as friendly as possible.

If you have any questions about anything here – or anything else – our Fairy Queen is always available. Comment here or send her a message at sahra@recruited.co

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