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For Companies: How to Pitch to Engineers

Every company who joins Whitetruffle wants to meet engineers. Who doesn’t want to be wanted? Some companies are very successful, and some are less. We looked at the data, and realized that the ones with the highest acceptance rate are the ones with the best profiles. Here are some tips on what you should cover in your profile to make it shine:

1. Hard Problem

Spend more time talking about the challenges you are hoping this new person will help you with. Engineers love interesting problems.

2. Smart Team/Good Culture

Tell people about the core members of your team. Where are they from, what have they done? What is your company culture like? What is it like to work with you?

3. Stable Funding

People want to know you’ll be here in a year. Who is funding you? Mention them if you can. What kind of support/partnerships do you have?

4. Additional Profile Suggestions

If you have links to positive press – definitely include them. Videos help a great deal. Give people a tour of your office, let them meet you, and give them a sense of what your team is like.

Finally, when you accept a candidate, use our messaging tool to let them how much you’d love to meet them – and why. We see a much higher acceptance rate when a nice, personal message is sent to the candidate. Now, keep a few things in mind:  

1. Messages go directly to the candidate. They are not reviewed or moderated by Whitetruffle.

2. While you have seen and considered the candidate’s profile, they are only made aware of the match after you accept it. Messages should not assume that they are familiar with you or your company. Take the opportunity to introduce yourself and cultivate interest.

3. Don’t copy and paste stuff. It’s obvious. Personalize it!

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