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How to Use Messaging

Whitetruffle has a lot of tools to help companies and engineers connect. One of our newer features is messaging.

The messaging tool can be a powerful way to help companies sell themselves to candidates and for candidates to ask companies the questions they need answered to decide whether they are interested in an introduction.

In order to using messaging effectively, it’s important to understand how it works: *The ability to message begins once a company accepts a match and ends when the engineer is either introduced or decides to pass on the match.

*Candidates using the messaging system remain anonymous until they accept an introduction.

*Messages are sent directly between the company and engineers. Whitetruffle does not read or moderate them. So – when you write messages, keep in mind that there is no intermediary.

The intention of the messaging system is to encourage communication between companies and engineers to help them decide is they’d like to be introduced. Companies should take the opportunity to introduce themselves, express personal interest in the engineer, their background, and skills, and answer any questions they may have before making their decision.

Avoid canned responses! People can tell when you’ve made a effort or if you have just done a cut-and-paste. Candidates on Whitetruffle have come to expect more than form letters from the companies who use our service. You want *your* company to stand out as a place that takes a personal, individual interest in each engineer you are courting to work with you.

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