“I initially encountered Whitetruffle via a Facebook ad.  At the time, I was performing a job search and had decided that any avenue I encountered would be worth pursuing, and Whitetruffle’s focus on start-ups was of particular interest.  The UI was so easy to use that I had wondered if I’d actually finished the registration process.  I keep my LinkedIn profile well-maintained, but Whitetruffle is the first site I’ve used that actually put my LinkedIn profile to work for me.  I still did not have high expectations, but Whitetruffle’s first match with me was with Apportable.  I’ve now started my new job, and it looks like it just might be the perfect fit for me and my life.  This is easily the most turn-key experience I’ve ever had in a job search.  Thanks, Whitetruffle!”

Rhett Aultman – Principle Software Engineer, Apportable

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