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Pi Day Celebrations!

Tomorrow, at least for people who use the completely nonsensical American version of date notation, is 3/14 – Pi Day! San Francisco has the dual advantages of (1) making anything into an excuse for a party and (2) being just a bit geeky. There are so many places to celebrate in the city tomorrow!


The Exploratorium will be hosting it’s 25th Annual Pi Day Celebration at their new location near Pier 15. According to their site, “We’ll serve up slices of pie, share pi-related activities, host a Pi Parade, and ceremoniously install our new Pi Shrine into a fittingly circular site outside Pier 15.

In addition, we are excited to present Pi in the Sky by ISHKY in collaboration with AirSign. At 10,000 feet above our new building, a team of five synchronized aircraft equipped with dot-matrix technology will skywrite the first 1,000 digits of Pi’s infinite sequence (weather permitting), offering an ephemeral, elevated experience of the famous transcendental number.”

The California Academy of Science has a specially-themed NightLife: “Celebrate the glory of pi and pie with a night of mathematical merriment, and pie tastings and demonstrations. Get irrational in the “pi zone” with fun math activities from UC Berkeley’s Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, then grab a hula hoop and contemplate the ratio of its circumference to its diameter as you gyrate. Rationalize the nutritional value of a slice in the “Pie Zone” with samples from Whole Foods and Peasant Pies, a pie-making demonstration by the Academy Cafe, and an activity from the dough-wranglers at Pie Ranch. In the planetarium, learn about the unheard music of planetary motion in a special presentation titled Music of the Spheres at 6:30, followed by two showings of Earthquake. Music by the DJs of LoveTech.”

Just want some Pi-inspired food at a discount? Both Mission Pies and Paxti’s Pizza are offering slices for $3.14 if you’re hungry.

And, of course, the masses will descend upon Pi Bar on Valencia. Open at 3:14pm.

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