In 2012, 64% of people who are currently employed reported being open to a new job (Bureau of Labor Statistics). 52% of these people we would classify as “passive” candidates – but what does that really mean?

When a candidate creates a profile on Whitetruffle, they are give the option to choose an intention: “Active” or “Passive.” We take this stated intention into account, but we have found that what people say is nowhere near as important as what they actually do.

So – how do we decide the best, most appropriate, “active” matches for the companies that use Whitetruffle? We let peoples’ actions speak louder than their words. We prioritize candidates who have shown a high level of involvement on the site – regardless of their stated intention.

Does that mean that there is no difference between an active and a passive candidate? Not really. While a candidate marked “passive” may still be looking at matches, they generally require a different approach if you want them to join your team. For more information on how to tailor your messaging approach to active and passive candidates, read on