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Top 5 Reasons Companies Choose Whitetruffle

Yesterday we posted the top 5 reasons job seekers choose Whitetruffle. Today, we want to highlight why over 900 companies have chosen Whitetruffle to source the talent they need.

1. It’s a time saver! Searching, messaging, and followup using traditional sourcing tool can eat up a lot of your day. Whitetruffle sends curated recommendations tailored to your company’s needs.

I enjoy the anonymous matching until mutual interest is expressed. Taking time to speak with unqualified applicants can take up a lot of bandwidth.”

2. Whitetruffle combines low pressure with great service.

The fact that you’re basically a recruiter without dealing with the hard sell. That’s what turns me off of recruiters most. Also, great customer service and competitive pricing.”

3. Ease of use. In addition to cutting out the time needed for searching, reviewing candidates is quick and easy.

It’s quick and easy to use. It’s not expensive and provides a lot of candidates. The profiles are well organized and easy to view significant things I’m looking for.”

4. We source people you won’t find anywhere else – including passive candidates and people willing to relocate.

It seems to get at candidates that don’t come in from other channels – potentially passive candidates.”

5. We’ve made the recruiting process easier, better, and far more painless. 76% of companies we surveyed were impressed by the flow of candidates they were receiving and rated it better than other services they had tried.

Love you guys! Thanks for such a great service.”

Does your company have a

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